Who can attend the Nauvoo trip?

The Nauvoo Trip is for youth in the Young Men’s or Young Women’s programs of the Roswell Georgia Stake who will be 14 or older in 2019. All youth who graduate from high school in May 2019 may attend.

How Do I Register?

You should register online at Registration Page.

How much will it cost youth participants?

The Nauvoo trip will cost each youth participant $240. Payments will be made in your home wards. All payments should be made by using a Donation Slip in your home Wards marked as “Other – Nauvoo”. Make sure that each slip is filled out with the individual’s name that is going on the trip. Payments/donations should be given to a member of your Bishopric. No YM/YW leaders will accept any funds.  One half of the fees for each participant are due by February 24. The other half is due by April 14.

Funds will be kept in the ward in the name of each youth so funds may be refunded if the family should leave the stake prior to the event.

How should I prepare?

In order to prepare for Nauvoo, we invite the youth to:

  1. Study the Book of Mormon daily and study portions of the Doctrine and Covenants regarding the Nauvoo era.
  2. Be or work to become worthy of a temple recommend.
  3. Prepare up to five family file names to take to the Nauvoo temple.
  4. Begin, if they have not already, earning $240 that will go to cover some of the costs of the Nauvoo trip.

Those who accept these invitations will be better prepared for the experiences that will no doubt attend us in Nauvoo.  We want to be clear on this point, none of these invitations is intended to exclude any youth who has a desire to attend.

Can parents or other family members attend?

This trip is for youth of the Roswell Georgia Stake. Your family is requested not to visit Nauvoo during the same time period. Should your family choose to come to Nauvoo while we are there, they should not expect to participate in activities planned for you, tag along on the planned itinerary, or keep you from these events. Family attendance may distract you from the full life-changing, spiritual experience that the Nauvoo Youth Trip will offer. Please plan your family vacations at a different time.