Message from the Stake Presidency

To the Wonderful Youth of the Roswell Georgia Stake:

We want you to know that you are beloved sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and that He is mindful of you. You have heard us say in the past that you are among the best youth in the entire church–and it is still true today! It is an amazing experience for us as a Stake Presidency as we strive, in however small of a way it may be, to assist the Lord in helping mold you to become the future leaders of His church.

We marvel at your desire to strive to do what is right, day after day. As you continue to exercise faith in The Lord Jesus Christ and be actively engaged in good works, you will receive divine inspiration and personal revelation to make the right choices and overcome the challenges of this life. Never underestimate the great power that comes from your prayers, daily study of the scriptures, service and ministering in the Lord’s way. Remember as Nephi and Alma have taught us that “… by small and simple things are great things brought to pass…” (1 Nephi 16:29 and Alma 37:6)

To add to the wonderful spiritual experiences that you are gaining on your own and in the Young Men / Young Women and seminary classrooms, on June 5-8, 2019, the youth of our stake (all those who turn 14 by 12/31/2019 up to 18 years old) will have an opportunity to have a life-changing experience to attend some early church history sites — including Nauvoo, Illinois. Our desire is that you prepare yourself, and start to make the sacrifice necessary to ensure that the Lord can work a marvelous work and a wonder in your personal life. We believe that the Nauvoo experience can be a great strength to you as you come to understand more about the Prophet Joseph Smith, the sacrifices of the early saints, and the covenants, blessings and safety provided in making and keeping temple covenants.

We are grateful that the Lord has provided this opportunity. Many minor miracles have and will continue to take place to provide spiritually enriching experiences for you. As you prepare for and participate in this event, get ready to see the miracle that will take place in your own life as you come to appreciate even more deeply the Nauvoo experience.

With love,
The Roswell Georgia Stake Presidency